Our Pillars

Good Works • Technology • Entrepreneurship
Inside GWF

Good Works

I was created to make something or someone better.


Applying information and knowledge for a practical purpose.


Cultivating mindsets that will lay the foundation for success.
Creatively engage young people by promoting Good Work, Technology & Entrepreneurship education as a transforming gateway to thrive in life and work.
Making a concrete difference in the world via Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship.
#GodWork is calling people like YOU to model a way to be of greater service. When you purchase #GodWork apparel at Store.GodWorkFoundation.org you become part of the community where the integration of Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship education takes place for youth in distressed areas. Here at #GodWork, we don’t just want you to look good and appear to be religious. We also want you to feel connected to working with purpose. That’s why 10% from every item purchased goes toward GodWorkFoundation.org

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Who We Are

GodWork Foundation is a purpose driven organization that combines Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship education as a transforming gateway for school-aged youth and those in underserved communities to thrive in life and work. Our programs are exciting — they’re just different. This is why we are driven to creatively engage and motivate young people to significant efforts of mindfulness, success and exposure to alternative lifestyle habits as opposed to gang activity, drugs, peer pressure, etc.

Our Goal

Create and provide innovative outlets and alternative lifestyle habits for our young people to work with a purpose in mind. In addition, we are thriving to double down on our efforts and launch multiple satellite hubs in the near future. As we continue to expose and provide these resources to our community; in turn, we begin to cultivate a generation of young people making a concrete difference in the world via Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship.



Our Team

KaVonte Carthron

Founder & CEO, GodWork Foundation

Bob William MD

Medical Director, Edward Medical Group

Darrin Deshazer

Filmmaker, Film Barrel Studios

Michele Carthron

Founder & COO, GodWork Foundation

Jamie D. Hogue M.S. Ed.

Asst. Principal, Parrish Elementary School

Marques Haynes

Filmmaker, Film Barrel Studios

Bill McGhee

President, Sequoia Company

Brad Price

Police Officer, City of Joliet

Darrell Fair

Creative Director, Creative A Fair

Ernest Edwards

President, US Architectural Glass

Robert Davis

IT Professional, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

KaVonte & Michele Carthron

KaVonte & Michele Carthron


Our History

It started with a simple truth that would forever change the way this married couple viewed their existence. Ephesians 2:10 illustrates, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Meet KaVonte and Michele Carthron the founders of GodWork Foundation who believe that there is something about why we’re here.

KaVonte and Michele’s passion for doing good works, specifically through technology and entrepreneurship, is the rock upon which GodWork Foundation is being built. Creatively expressing their faith and values in ways that make concrete and uplifting differences in the lives of others.

In a rapidly changing, often chaotic, world they found it was too easy to get caught up in the day to day requirements of surviving and taking care of their young family. They had little time to reflect, much less act on, what might be their higher callings. They felt incomplete, as if they were searching for something more in life beyond their jobs — a purpose. Nurtured by their faith, they launched GodWork Foundation to provide an opportunity to serve, and also serve as a reminder that we have work to do, noble work that is worthy and needed. Work that reflects we were created to make something or someone better.

Thank You to our Supporters, Sponsors & Partners

We have the privilege of working with extraordinary funders, including world-class technology and social entrepreneurs along with forward thinking Corporations. Thank you to our current supporters for believing in the vision of GodWork Foundation making a concrete difference in the world via Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship.

GWF Computer Basics March 2017 Sponsors: Jaime & Rachelle Jorge @ Healing Music, Brandon & Donna Barnholt, Eric, Audrey, Tasha & Maria Fields, Jon & Adrienne Powell, William & Sally McGhee, Derrick & Denise Johnson, Pastors Steven & Deborah Hines, Robert & Tinikia Davis, Pastor Deddrick & First Lady Marilyn Perry, Brad & Tanya Price, Darrell Fair, LaVanya Delaney-Harris, Aaron Barnholt, Mickey @ Courtesy Plumbing, Cesare Lasorella , Patrick Lewis, Tomorrow Mims, Eugene Redmond, H.T.’S Glass, Blue1647

Our success would not be possible without the benevolent support from all who contributed and gave GodWork Foundation a kickstart into being a technology-driven innovative organization.